Sunday, September 18, 2011

730 Days = 2 Years

Today marks my two-year anniversary of living in Seoul. In thinking about what to post to commemorate this occasion, I must say that Time has a funny way of playing tricks.

In many regards the days have flown by, but from other angles it's been the exact opposite. 

My mind keeps track of so many events -both past and future- and I was fully aware that this 2nd anniversary was approaching. I guess I thought the right words would come to me just in time, and afterward I'd know exactly how I'd want to sum up two years. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened. It's as though I've been saying to myself:  Be reflective! and now I can't.

A few things to consider:

I may not have learned how to read or speak Korean (yet!), but for every day I've been here, I've gleaned an insight about Korean culture.

Paper is the traditional (UK) gift for 2nd anniversaries (wedding anniversaries, but why not apply it to this situation...?). So, I'm thinking about the possibility of taking the last two years of observations and compiling a book. Any interested publishers out there?

As always, I'm grateful for you -an audience that's here willingly and provides meaningful interaction, which ultimately motivates me to continue learning and writing.

Thank You.


  1. Hi Jennifer!
    Interesting news for me, two years in Seoul already!
    2 small notes I would like to share:
    A) we are all soul searching!- The problem is not many are aware of the process, or are not brave enough to challenge the social convention in their quest.
    B) Sometimes insight does not come incrementally and it is sometimes tough to put into words a nice chapter of our life. However we eventually get the aha moment where everything comes together!
    best regards from you mexican pal,
    Ernesto Fernandez

  2. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary living in Seoul !!!
    And your profile picture is very beautiful !!!

  3. Ernesto, wise words! Thank you for sharing them. Hope you are well.

    K: Thank you, thank you!! Miss you + BSF.

  4. jen - i cant believe it's been 2 years, but then again time does fly by. i have thoroughly enjoyed peeking in on you, and your day to day activities. thank you for the entertainment my sweet, beautiful girl! xox aunt nan