Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Humbled Again

While I don't remember signing up for advanced lessons in humility, perhaps I did so inadvertently.

After last night's inaugural Korean class, I was feeling pretty chastened today (side note:  I recounted the experience to each of my classes, and the students all seemed genuinely pleased that I could now better relate to their own circumstances). Little did I know what this afternoon would bring... 

As I walked through a long hallway en route to teach, I heard frantic footsteps behind me. Thinking it was one of my students racing to get to class on time, I smiled to myself without looking back. Nearly right before I stepped foot in the classroom, I heard a small voice say excuse me. I turned around to see a student, though not one of mine, who informed me that my skirt was tucked into my tights. How on earth did I miss that?! Thank goodness for my longish sweater which concealed most of the exposed area. Moreover, thank goodness for such sweet and decent people who would go out of their way to help a stranger!   

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