Monday, July 26, 2010

You Are Perfect

One of my favorite modern movies is Love Actually, and one of my favorite scenes in that film is when Mark holds up handmade posters proclaiming his love for Juliet. I usually tear up while watching that part. However, seeing the sign above hanging in front of a shoe store in Hongdae was rather unexpected and turned out to be a fun + quirky surprise. For all I know, it's the name of the shop itself.  

Nice to know at least some locals around here appreciate that bittersweet scene as well. 


  1. to your Godmother, you are absolutely perfect and i love and miss you so much. like the new profile pix - very cute and chic' - xoxo a.n.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I'm loving your observations about Seoul. The things you discover are to say the least, interesting!
    I've always loved that scene in the movie too.

    Melissa N.

  3. That movie was a huge hit in Korea and that scene was used in numerous parodies.