Friday, July 16, 2010

End + Begin

Today marked the end of a two-week session in which I taught conversational English to two small groups. It was such a delight to talk with the students in an intimate setting. We spent 90 minutes each day discussing various topics relating to culture and had several lively debates. I learned a lot about Korean culture from these individuals and will really miss them.  

Of course, there wasn't much time to dwell on those classes since as soon as they wrapped, I began preparing for Monday -the start of an intense 5-week English immersion camp where I'll be teaching a variety of subjects to students of varying proficiency levels. The materials look interesting, and from what other teachers have shared, it sounds like a fun session. Plus, apparently the time flies given all the diverse activities. And, perhaps best of all (or, at least up near the top!):  I have my own T.A.! He seems totally on the ball and told me that he's the captain of all the other T.A.s, so I shouldn't stress because I'm getting 'the best.' Nice! 

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