Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rotten Apple(s)

When one or two students have bad attitudes, the effect on the whole group can be bleak. 

Work was tough for multiple reasons, but it primarily came down to the rotten behavior of two students (in a class of five). They hate being at school, which they never tire of telling me, and their sour dispositions were particularly challenging today. Fortunately, the class finally concluded after three hours, and my next class began. These students (a small group of middle school girls) were on better behavior than usual, and we wound up having a fun and productive class. At one point, they even said I reminded them of Belle from Beauty and the Beast which TOTALLY made my night. They didn't even know she was my favorite Disney character. Nice.

I capped off the evening the best way I could -whipping up some pasta, tofu, and leftover sauce. From now on, I am ensuring that pasta and sauce components are in my apartment at all times for such a day as this.

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