Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Foggy Peak

Victoria Peak is the top attraction in Hong Kong, and so of course it was on my must-see list. Unfortunately, the fog was extra-thick, rendering the famous views non-existent. Still, I'm glad that I ventured to the top, and I'll be better prepared for my return visit (NB:  avoid foggy, rainy conditions).

Most people take the tram up, but since the wait time was two hours, I opted for a cab. Not a bad way to spend $50 HKD ($8). I did ride the tram down which was fun. Another historical ride -it was built in 1888.
(this was the line I chose not to wait in)

As I said, the famed views were not to be seen this time around. 
 (Monday's view)

However, there were charming and interesting things to observe nonetheless:

Hong Kong is renowned for its shopping, and even at the top of the peak, there were shops galore. I cannot fathom how all of HK's stores can stay in business. There are literally shops everywhere...

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