Sunday, February 7, 2010


As many of you know, I travel to Myeongdong on a weekly basis to attend church. It's also where my BSF class meets, so with my schedule back to normal, I'm actually there twice a week. I love the area for several reasons -its frenetic pace, myriad shops, and the fact that on any given day you can see the most random of sights. For evidence, check out the photos below:

Not sure if they're Susan Boyle fans or protesters.

My sources tell me 'dach' means 'roof' in German, while 'hund' means 'dog.' Regardless, I snapped this pic right outside of a cosmetics store -hope there's no connection.

These creatures seemed to be promoting a new mascara for Etude House, but they scared me so I didn't stay to get confirmation.

When shoes sell for 10,000 won (less than $10), it's hard to justify spending money on repairs... just sayin'!

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