Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies

Never imagined I'd be blogging in Seoul while munching on Girl Scout cookies. 

I received strict instructions to wait until arriving at home before opening my sister's care package, and I'm so glad I followed accordingly. Delayed gratification paid off, and I've already eaten four cookies (Caramel deLites, to be precise). At this rate, I'll be finished with the box before midnight. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, K + B and l'il REP!

In other news, I'm preparing for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. Have been reading up on must-see attractions and was at the Korean Exchange Bank today exchanging currency so I can hit the ground running when I land on Saturday evening. I'm excited to take in what is so-often described as the ultimate East Meets West experience. Plus, the thought of interacting with some of the millions of Hong Kongers with British accents makes me smile.


  1. Hi, Jennifer,
    Are you going to Hong Kong?
    Then you must see 'Symphony of lights' on the Aqua Luna 19:30 at Tsim Sha Tsui Central Centre Pier 1 or 19:45 at Central Pier 9.
    I was visited Hong Kong July 2007 and enjoyed it very much.
    Strongly recommand because you can avoid the large crowd of tourists who want to see 'Symphony of Lights'
    Bye, and see you tomorrow.

  2. jennifer-
    so happy you loved your well-deserved GS cookies! we miss you and love you! have a great week! Love reading your blog, K -xoxo