Friday, February 12, 2010


In less than eight hours I have to be out the door to begin my trek to Hong Kong. Given that tomorrow is the official start of the Lunar New Year holiday, the longest leg of my journey may in fact be from my apartment to Incheon Airport. I've heard horrific tales of 3+ hour bus rides to the airport due to jam-packed highways, so I'm trying to allot enough time. Incidentally, it's snowing right now, and it's supposed to continue through the morning, so I'm guessing that could impact the commute as well.

I'm trying to pack, though not getting very far. I did laundry before leaving for work, but my clothes haven't dried yet. Am considering pulling out my hairdryer to help speed up the process. No time to lose. My alarm clock will be ringing shortly, and then the mad dash will be underway!

All this to say that I'm really excited to get to HK... just hoping I arrive there on Saturday, as scheduled. In the meantime, I'm flexing my good humor muscles as I'm quite certain I'll be relying on them significantly.   

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