Sunday, December 4, 2011

Namdaemun Generosity

We had such a windfall today with regard to our Seoul Station outreach, that I feel compelled to mention it here.

In short, there's a vendor in Namdaemun that I like to patronize. He's friendly, and his prices are fair. He's accustomed to seeing me pass by and/or through his shop on a now-weekly basis and is familiar with what we've been doing at the station.

Today we popped in to buy a bunch of gloves. Not only did he give us terrific pricing on 10 pairs, he also threw in -free of charge- five beautiful + warm, red-checked scarves. We were amazed at his generosity and vowed to return next weekend for more supplies.

After bringing the goods to new and old acquaintances at Seoul Station, I returned to Namdaemun to express our gratitude. Not merely in words, but also by dropping off a few beverages and, more importantly, spending more money in his shop. The hat pictured below is a new acquisition. And my niece REP is going to be getting a set of pink bunny earmuffs in her Christmas stocking...

Readers, if you're in the market for scarves, mittens, gloves, earmuffs, or hats, go to Yoo Seong Cap, easily accessed from Gate 8. Ask for Mr. Sim, and tell him Jennifer of Seoul Station sent you.

Yoo Seong Cap (Mr. Jeong-Il Sim, owner)
#36-1 D-dong, 33 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
tel:  02.754.1936
mobile:  010.3715.3814

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  1. very heart warming to read! God bless you, His little angel in Seoul! xoxo a.n.