Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to Brown

Lucy worked her magic on my hair yet again, and now I'm back to brown -which I love. I definitely feel more like myself with warm brown low-lights vs. lots of blonde highlights.

Here we are, striking the ubiquitous kimchi pose:

And then, really hamming things up with the famous heart pose, popular with Korean couples:

PS:  I still love Lucy! She really does an awesome job, particularly with westerners' hair. For more info, visit her website at:, and tell her Jennifer from Konkuk sent you.


  1. jen - i loved the picture posting of you! you look so great! i want to know how you lost so much weight. i prefer you with your God given color as well. ciao' bella, xoxo - a.n.

  2. oh my! the heart pose! that's priceless. p.s. love your hair. and your striped shirt. looks quite french:)
    melissa n.

  3. A. Nan: Thank you~ South Beach Diet!

    MN: Merci beaucoup, mon amie. I bought the shirt with you in Paris!