Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mr. Sim's Largesse

On behalf of the group, I returned to Mr. Sim's store today to purchase more gloves for folks at Seoul Station. Not only did Mr. Sim honor last week's special discounted pricing (10 pairs for 30,000 won), he also threw in a big bag of scarves. 

The bag was really heavy, and after getting home and examining the contents, I understood why:  25 warm winter scarves were tucked inside.

The group also experienced another surprising windfall:  last night we received clothing donations from two friends -a thick wool scarf and a heavy winter jacket- and financial donations from two others. It reminds me of the loaves and fishes account found in all four gospels. 

Key takeaway:  God can multiply meager resources into unexpected largesse by stirring people's hearts. Awesome!

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  1. how wonderful to be doing something so kind and loving half way around the world. God bless you and God bless Mr. Sim! xox - a.n.