Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farewell, Korea

Dear Korea,

We met two years + three months ago, and my what an adventure we've had! You've changed a lot, and I have, too. 

As I prepare to depart from your land of morning calm, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. 

Thank you for drawing an eclectic mix of individuals. Many of them have become my friends and have been swell companions as we explored your buzzing terrain together.

Thank you for your randomness and quirkiness. They've kept me intrigued and given me ample inspiration for writing.

Thank you for pushing me every day to challenge myself. During those moments when I began to drift into a comfort zone of sorts, you threw me a curve ball and kept me on my toes.

Finally, thank you for reminding me on a daily basis where to find my strength and put my hope. Through little serendipities and all-out miracles, God's presence in my life felt more real and alive here than ever before.

In closing, you've given me amazing experiences and memories. I'll always be grateful for my time with you. Let's keep in touch, shall we?

Until we meet again,



  1. i will miss your posts and wonderful photos and writings but i will rejoice in you being back home with us! i think you are on a plane...praying for your safety! love you honey, aunt nan

  2. Korea will always be grateful for it's time with you too. We'll miss you here both as deskmates and neighbors.

  3. Thanks for inspiring us, jen, with your courage and heartfelt testimony. Can't wait to visit with you!