Thursday, April 1, 2010

Focus 2

Today was rough. I slept only a handful of hours, and not consecutively. I woke up to find more sad news in my in-box, and all I really wanted was to stay in bed, nursing my cough and headache. One of the last places I wanted to be was in a classroom setting, trying to inspire impressionable minds to think differently. Nonetheless, I pushed through, albeit weakly. Curiously, I held back the tears, at least until I got to work (maybe being there was the tipping point). Then, in the privacy of my classroom I let go, and down they fell.

It's very difficult to be away from loved ones during challenging times; there's only so much I can do thousands of miles away, making me feel useless in the support category. On top of that, lately I've been feeling especially estranged as I go through my own routine here -the frameworks and resources I tend to rely on are often so irrelevant and serve as a continual reminder of my alien status. 

With my focus turned inward as outlined above, you can imagine how burdensome the day appeared. But then! Later, as I was preparing my lesson plans, I was jolted by the realization that while covering the Roman Empire tonight in my middle school history class, we would also discuss Jesus and His crucifixion and resurrection. What a radical concept and such perfectly ordained timing; it was exactly the shock I needed to (once again) realign my focus. 

Less of me, more of Him...


  1. umm.. cheer up! teacher~ coz, Life is originally rough. and we can beat it!
    I just come here and go out. hehe..
    coz the pizza-store suddenly come to mind.

    Did you find the store?
    It'll take 15-20min on foot, 5min by taxi from youngdo school.
    The store is beside the songpa police station.
    and police stn is nearby Ogeum subway station.

    pizza is 2 for 10,000 won. :)

    Probably you can get korean's help by using following address. just search it on internet(map service).
    easy easy.
    10 karak-dong songpa-gu seoul : Italyhouse(the pizza store address)

    I hope you can get a dilicious pizza. yummy!
    and I let you know about cherry blossom festival. following this.

    happy happy spring~~ see you later

  2. youngjin,

    thank you for your kind words and for the directions to italy house. i will try to go there soon. hope you are doing well!

    take care, jennifer