Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had the oddest sensation tonight. Due to freezing temps, I took the subway home in lieu of walking. While ascending the stairs at my stop, I was enjoying a great mix on my iPod courtesy of Genius (pretty nifty tool). Then "More Than This" by Roxy Music began playing, and next thing I knew:  I felt like I was back in London emerging from a tube station (Piccadilly Circus? Leicester Square??). The feeling was so strong, and I did a double-take to verify my actual whereabouts. 

I know it's common to hear a song that takes you back, but in this case, I felt like I was actually reliving an experience from nearly 20 years ago.

In other news, a student bit me today. Intentionally. He had been writing on the walls, and I gave him three warnings to stop. After the third one, it was time to remove him from the classroom, though he had no intention of leaving willingly. As I did my best to maneuver him out of the room gently but firmly, he bit my hand which, at the time, was holding his arm. At least he didn't break the skin. 


  1. ***BREAKING NEWS***
    Rabies outbreak among Seoul Children in ESL class...
    BEWARE the RABID Korean kids!!!!

  2. Hi, Jennifer,
    At BSF Hyun Jee told us about your physical condition.
    As soon as the weather gets wormer, you will be better.
    Wish you to get better and to see you at BSF soon .

  3. Rough hazing ritual they have in Korea for new teachers.

    Either that or you need to change perfume/lotion scents...they were too appetizing for kids to resist.

    Honestly, I wouldn't know what to say. My mouth would be open in disbelief...after of course yelling, "Ouch!"