Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ego Boost

One of the students in my Science class (grades 1-3) asked me what their next presentation topic would be. Since these presentations are still a few weeks away, I hadn't yet given thought to what I would assign, so as a joke I replied that the topic was to talk about why I'm a great teacher. Some students knew right away I was joking, and they played along shouting out loads of reasons. Eventually the entire class got into it, and I loved every minute as they spouted off dozens of descriptions. Most were complimentary (if only pure flattery), but some were downright funny:
  • tall (it's all relative)
  • nice clothes
  • s-shape
  • square jaw
  • good at speaking English
  • old and sad (?!?)
May revisit this brainstorming exercise for the ensuing laughs and ego boost. Soon.

ps:  Happy Birthday, Mom! xoxo

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