Saturday, April 17, 2010

Budget Pampering

An appointment for The Project had me out the door by 9:30am, which in my present world is very early! I woke up still reeling from the previous few days' events and, admittedly, was having a mini pity party on the long subway ride to the meeting, but then I caught sight of two guys whom I was undoubtedly meant to see. They were decked out in some serious Texas garb, and burnt orange never looked better, at least this side of the Pacific (no one pulls off Texas pride better in my book than JB). I tried to be inconspicuous snapping their picture, but I think they saw me... not the best pic, but at least you can get an idea:
The man on the right was wearing awesome cowboy boots!

After the meeting, I wound up in Myeongdong (where else!). Even though it was incredibly chaotic, as per the norm, I still managed to find a few ways to pamper myself:
  • dumplings for lunch at my favorite place
  • blackout doughnut from Doughnut Plant NYC (so funny they have shops here!)
  • new aviators (at drastically reduced pricing)
  • super-cute headbands (so cheap!) from a brand called Naughty Cat -love their tag line:  A feeling of luxury and the pursuit of cuteness 

By far the most random sighting in Myeongdong today was a group of people dressed up like sneakers, promoting New Balance:

On my way home, I walked past Seokchon Lake. The trees have continued to blossom since I was there last week, and many people were out taking photos. 

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  1. I love the Korean UT fans! Sooo cute! :) Also, Spring looks so beautiful in Seoul. I wish I could be there with you... I would gladly indulge in some yummy food with you, too! Miss you terribly. Love you!