Sunday, September 20, 2009

Truly Lost in Translation

It's official: I've begun my own real-life Lost in Translation adventure. It is so bizarre to be inhabiting a place where I genuinely have no idea what almost everyone around me is saying. And while there are some signs in English, it's usually only a few words so I'm continually wondering what's really going on. Example: this morning I power-walked over to Olympic Park. I took some photos there and then happened upon a sign next to the lake that looked pretty extensive, but the only word in English was "Danger." Of course I came up with several scenarios pertaining to what the warning was for -polluted water? hungry crocodiles? As of now, I remain in the dark. Later today I tried to order bibimbap -except nothing on the menu was in English, the photos on the wall were less than illuminating, and the woman who waited on me was not amused by my mispronunciation. I ended up with bibimbap but upon first bite realized it was bulgogi I'd been craving all along. Next time...

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