Monday, September 21, 2009

A Trip to the Hospital + Training, Day One

My day started off well (see previous post; plus bonus: got to talk with Mom & Dad, as well as Karen & Bobby via Skype -love it!), and it ended well. In the middle was a bunch of good stuff, too, but I must start with the most unusual, that being my first trip to a Korean hospital. My manager took me there as step one of orientation since to obtain my Alien Registration Card (the all-important document which allows me to get a legitimate Internet connection and cell phone), I must first submit a clean bill of health. The visit was brief and the battery of tests relatively typical (one exception: too embarrassing to post but involves their taking certain measurements); however, I'm still amused they made me wear a mask throughout my visit (exhibit below):

From the hospital we trekked over to the COEX building for a quick errand (cannot wait to return as there's so much going on at COEX and in that general area) and then stopped at the company's headquarters. I was happy to finally meet Rosa who's been really helpful throughout this entire recruiting and hiring process. I also met the co-founder/president which was a real honor. Don't think I've yet mastered the appropriate bow, so must practice for future meetings.

Training was straightforward and enjoyable. My manager covered part of the teacher handbook, and then I observed two classes. Both teachers were terrific, and I feel I'm learning a ton. Can't believe these young students sit through 2-3 hour classes, and in the evenings no less. I was rather tired leaving campus but motivated enough to check out the cool shopping complex across the street. It is amazing. I had a great Korean dinner and then browsed through several floors which form a fascinating maze of electronics, toys, stationery, clothes, groceries, home goods, flowers, books, cosmetics... easy to get lost, and so I headed home before I forgot the way back.


  1. hi again.
    a few of you let me know that you've tried to post comments (thanks!), but they're not publishing. i've re-checked the settings, and they look ok, so here's a link from blogger on how to post comments...thanks again for your support and feedback!

  2. Don't know if this will come thru, but i find myself looking forward to reading each day's blog (living vicariously?) Anyway, it's a cross between a soap-opera and a comic strip. Maybe you'll be the new "Ugly Betty" for ABC when you return?

  3. HI Jennifer,
    Thanks for the updates.
    Love you and it was great to talk to you on Skype last night.

  4. Jennifer~
    Sounds so fun and exciting! :) I'm glad you are enjoying yourself! I jusr got up to OC and it is not at all the same with out you here! Rea really misses you, too! :) Have a fun night! Love you!