Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Non Blonde

Just a quick post as I'm about to embark on a hectic 24 hours. Tomorrow is an early wake up call to get across town in time for my appointment at the Immigration Office; then racing back to school for more training; followed by my teaching three sample lessons to my manager -science, grammar, and reading. (Incidentally, I learned today that I'm now teaching a social studies class, too). 

It's after 10:30pm, and I need to start prepping. But before doing so, I have an anecdote:  during another class observation, one teacher suggested I introduce myself to her students. Aware of their insatiable appetite for all things pertaining to marital status and family info, I shared the following:  I'm from California; I went to UCLA; and I have two younger sisters -both of whom have blonde hair and are married. Without missing a beat, one boy blurted out:  "maybe no blonde hair is why you no married."


  1. LOL.

    In the Agulia family, Candace is the only non blond (girl) who is married. Maybe there is something to that...