Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping Track

There are many things I now keep track of that I once took for granted. Here are some:
  1. Turning on the boiler 5-10 minutes before I want to shower in order to have hot water. Remembering to turn it off afterward.
  2. Adjusting the switch in the bathroom from shower state back to faucet state once I'm finished or else risk getting drenched the next time I wash my hands in the sink (this will make more sense once I upload some apartment pics).
  3. Switching off the gas once I'm finished cooking.
  4. Separating my garbage:  any food remains go into a green plastic bag while all other garbage goes into a white one. These are special bags coded for each neighborhood, and I've forgotten where to purchase them....
  5. Swiping my transportation card both as I enter and leave subway stations. Same goes for boarding and exiting the bus.
  6. Remembering the access codes to my building and apartment unit -no more keys! 


  1. That is too much to think about.

    I think I would last about 2.7 days before I blew the place up. (2.7 days is a rough estimate, and was reached using variables like Rate of Forgetfulness, and Wine Consumption). My advice is to tattoo a bunch of reminders on your body.

  2. Dying to know who posted this ;)