Monday, September 21, 2009

A Pastry a Day

Went out for coffee this morning -have visited the same place three days in a row (TomNTom's). It's definitely a splurge by Korean standards (3,800 won for a grande iced Americano), but since I'm unable to boil water in my current place, it seems like a worthwhile treat. It was lightly raining when I stepped out, but on the way back I got caught in a downpour. A young Korean man offered to share his umbrella with me -very considerate and generous, especially because I looked like such an oddball in my running shorts and sweatshirt while everyone else was dressed more appropriately for the weather. Stopped off at Paris Baguette for today's pastry -strawberry and cream cheese filled. Yum. Will need to limit my visits there to one/day or I'll soon wind up looking like a doughnut.

Have noticed that I've been talking to myself occasionally... not a usual habit of mine, so my guess is that I'm desperate to speak English. Will be interested to see if this ceases once I begin teaching. Speaking of which, I'm heading out soon for my first day of training. On today's agenda is a trip to the hospital for my medical exam and then a review of school policies. Am hopeful I'll make a positive first impression on my new colleagues and pick up things quickly.


  1. you've made a positive first impression on your colleagues :) grateful to meet you and share life with you on this part of the world :)

  2. thanks, new colleague. i'm grateful for the kindness that's been shown to me and for your help thus far.

    on another note, i have about a 1 in 7 chance of guessing who you are. the suspense is killing me ;)