Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the last week, each time I met with a cultural difference, I've tried to focus on the positive. This one, however, will be hard to spin. 

My school adviser met me this afternoon, and together we relocated to my new apartment (Note:  no spinning needed here. She has been incredibly helpful and generous with her time -accompanying me to the store to translate items for me, demonstrating how to use appliances, etc). The upside is that the space is comparatively bigger than where I'd been staying and other places I've seen. Unfortunately, there is mold throughout, and the place is really dirty. Any ideas on how to combat the mold? It's accumulated on various parts of the wall paper.

Long night ahead and am feeling sick. Here's to keeping up a sense of humor.


  1. Strong BLEACH will kill mold. Mold will make you very sick

    Brian Walsh

  2. Mr. Walsh:
    You're right! It has worked wonders. Great to hear from you. Please give my best to your family and continue to keep in touch. Love hearing from you.