Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chicken and Beer

Can you guess what I had for dinner tonight? One beer and some random fried chicken pieces -no organs as far as I could tell. A nod to comfort food, it seemed an appropriate way for this alien to cap off an incredibly busy week in a foreign land. I dined with two of my colleagues, and we had a spirited discussion, covering a wide spectrum of topics. Plus, I had the added benefit of tapping into their expertise and asking them a million questions -everything from how to master the insane time management component of our class schedules to where to find a good bookstore. We capped off the evening with a walk by my new apartment. Hard to gauge what it looks like from the street, but I'm excited about moving all the same. Will be nice to do some nesting (although that word annoys me) and to feel more settled.

It's almost two a.m., but I wanted to jot down a quick post to say overall, my first day of teaching went smoothly. Thank you for your prayers and warm wishes! I have much to learn about pacing classes and how to make science and grammar more entertaining, but I'm grateful that things went fairly well.


  1. I hope that your move goes well tomorrow! Two moves in one week... craziness! I'm sure you are a great teacher. Those students are blessed to have you!

  2. 2 AM post huh? You're as bad as me. Glad to hear that your first day went well. Loving to hear about you adventure.

  3. Jen--- SOOOO proud of you! You're one week down! Can't wait to hear about your new apartment! Love you and miss you! Your kids will LOVE YOU and you BOTH will learn so much from one another.

  4. kare, jme, and marc:
    thank you all for your kind words; they're an encouragement to me. feel as though i haven't slept in a week. oh wait, maybe it's because i really haven't! hope you are well, and talk with you soon. xo jse