Friday, November 18, 2011

Museum of Chicken Art

At last I can now say I've visited Seoul's Museum of Chicken Art!

HG and I had long been curious to know if it was a museum full of art created by chickens or inspired by them. Turns out it's the latter.

Located in Bukchon, this museum is certainly interesting, particularly if you've got an affection for these fowl creatures. But even if you don't, it's still illuminating. For example, did you know that chickens are a symbol of fertility, wealth, fame, and a successful career?

There are also five virtues of The Chicken (taken verbatim from the museum brochure):
  1. Intelligence:  the traditional hat given to government appointed high ranking official was named after the rooster's crest
  2. Strength:  the fierce and sharp talons of the rooster
  3. Courage:  the rooster fight without any fear with its foes
  4. Heartedness:  the announcing cries the rooster makes when it finds food
  5. Trust:  the rooster always tell of the morning whatever circumstances

Admission:  3,000 won
Open:  10am - 6pm (closed Mondays and holidays)

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