Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brow Horror

A picture may say 1,000 words but not necessarily the ones you're intending.

Upon recommendation from a trustworthy source, I set off this morning to get my eyebrows shaped. Armed with two photos (depicting different angles of the same model), I walked into my appointment at the Benefit Brow Bar in Lotte Department Store, Star City. Although the brow specialist spoke limited English, I figured I was in good hands. 

Very clear photos + a solid recommendation = guaranteed success, right?


Wrong, wrong, WRONG.

During the procedure, my eyes were closed. Once finished, the specialist proudly handed me a mirror to see the results.

Shock, confusion, and horror ensued, followed by outrage.

Ten hours later, I'm still feeling all of the above emotions to varying degrees. However, some positives came out of the experience, and I'm trying to focus on them:
  1. Key general lesson:  assume nothing, particularly when it comes to other people interacting with your face. 
  2. Key beauty lesson:  photos only work in conjunction with mutually understood verbal communication. 
  3. Key spiritual lesson:  to paraphrase Tim Keller, a test to determine what we idolize or desire too strongly is to pinpoint the thing that would make us enraged/inconsolable/sick with fear if we lost it... so I think I've answered that question, and it's clear what desire I need to keep in check.
Additionally, JB and BD were unbelievably effective in helping me calm down. (JB:  truly one of your shining moments; you got me laughing in short order + made me feel so loved. BD:  your empathy + fact-finding mission in search of re-growth tips helped tremendously! Ditto on making me feel super loved.)

In the days ahead, I'll be searching for miracle-producing eyebrow pencils, shadows, and tools. Readers, your suggestions are always welcome.

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