Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bangsan Market

Bangsan Market is a baking depot in the heart of downtown. Just steps away from Cheonghyecheon awaits a haven for bakers. It's probably a very good thing that I only learned about it recently...

BD led a group of us on a tour of the market today. We visited over a dozen stores, but word has it there are well over 100. Products range from ovens, mixers, bowls, and cookie cutters, to ingredients including vanilla extract, chocolate chips, flour, and powdered sugar (though sadly no almond extract). There are also lots of cellophane bags, ribbons, and labels for wrapping up your baked goods. And for those into soap making, there are plenty of related products to be found. 

Bake, eat, and be merry!



  1. I'll definitely have to check this place out! Thanks for checking on the almond extract! ~HG

  2. Happy to do so, HG. You will love this place.

  3. alright jen, who is making fun of my almond extract?? OR, are you passing along my yummy baking tip? LOL!!!