Sunday, September 26, 2010

(Slight) Home Improvement

In the month that I've lived in this apartment, I've slowly been putting a little of me into the place. I'm working within some constraints -namely the furniture, wallpaper + paint that I inherited, and I've been trying to keep spending to a minimum. While it's quite a stretch from other apartments I've decorated, this one is beginning to take on a hint of my personality.

I've posted Before and After pics to help you visualize (nb:  If anyone from Dwell or happens to catch this post, please allow me to show you some of the previous work I've done!).

Living Area, Before:

Living Area, After:
Kitchen, Before:

Kitchen, After:

Guest Room, Before:

Guest Room, After:

My Room, Before:
My Room, After:


  1. you've done a beautiful job, jennifer! looks so cute! :) miss you!

  2. You even have a guest room? That's so awesome!

  3. Come visit, Eugenia (JME, too!)!