Sunday, September 5, 2010

It May Surprise You... Pt. 2

Time for another installment of:  It May Surprise You...
  • upon entering regular grocery stores, customers are greeted by an employee (usually male) who extends a deep bow.
  • it's perfectly acceptable to hang out by the sample ladies and double-dip, again and again.
  • in the last year or so, the government issued a mandate regarding air-conditioning and energy conservation; in public places, the A/C cannot be set lower than 23C, making it nearly impossible to cool off when out and about.
  • it's a good idea to carry an umbrella every day between April 1 and mid-November. Actually, come to think of it, it's usually either sunny, hazy, or raining, so you really ought to carry your umbrella 24/7/365, to block out UV rays, rain, or both. It's what the locals do.
  • a popular trend in nail color is to paint fingers and toes alternating hues (e.g. light pink, darker pink, lighter pink, super-dark pink...); not sure when I'll get around to trying this one out.
  • flashing the peace sign is reflexive for younger Koreans when they're being photographed; I've started doing it as well, though it still feels unnatural.

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