Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mozzies 4, JSE 0

In a scene not uncommon to those living in Seoul, I found myself wrestling with a mosquito last night. As indicated by the score, he won. Not only do I have four new bites, I am now fighting through exhaustion stemming from a restless slumber. Minutes after dozing off, I awoke to the sound of buzzing in my ear -a sound resembling a dentist's drill that's faintly muffled by a wall.  I threw back the covers, bolted from my bed, and turned on the lights, ready to strike. My opponent, however, was more agile and escaped my haphazard swatting. This action sequence repeated twice during the course of the night. Eventually, it seems we reached an armistice; I'm guessing that hostilities will resume this evening.

A friend recently reached the point of desperation in handling his own mosquito dilemma:  he now sleeps inside of his camping tent, set atop his bed. I'm not at that stage yet, though ever-determined to knock out this little bug before he produces offspring or recommends my place to his buddies.

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  1. i hate when that happens! it's simply amazing how such a little critter can be so upsetting and disruptive in the night. the sound near my ear FREAKS me out too. the light comes on, but to no avail. my trick is to turn a light on outside my room so that the little beast follows the light into another room. advice from aunt nannie. xoxo love you! ps. hope you dont get malaria!! LOL