Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Been back in Korea for a week now. Probably ought to get back to chronicling the ol' Seoul adventure. There's still so much to discover and share.

After two years of residing in the R.o.K., I'm accustomed to frequently seeing peculiar things -peculiar by standards back home anyway, though par for the course here. With few exceptions, the things that fazed me in my newbie days -those first six months- don't really grab my attention anymore. 

So when I'm prompted to whip out my camera while walking down the street, you know it's something special. Like this sign I saw over the weekend while in Itaewon:

Eye-catching? Check.

Memorable? Check.

Potential to tarnish teddy bear images forever? Check.

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  1. Morgan and I both thoroughly enjoyed that post! thanks for the laugh! :)