Saturday, October 15, 2011

Luxury Yogurt

Snow Spoon has always intrigued me with its enchanting name, and yesterday while running errands in Hongdae, I finally checked it out.

The shop brands itself as a purveyor of Luxury Yogurt, and indeed the place feels quite posh. With its clean, white furnishings and crystal chandeliers, it differentiates itself from most other stores or cafes in town. And, in the event you missed these clues, the prices signal luxury, too.

Fortunately the quality of Snow Spoon's product offering is high. I tried the plain (tart) and chocolate flavors, and both were perfectly rich and sufficiently creamy. I skipped the toppings and the side dishes (pizza? pasta??), but their darling yogurt sandwiches (made with macaron-like cookies) were hard to pass up. Next time...

Sweet experience overall. Made me miss California's Yogurtland.  


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