Thursday, October 20, 2011


At last, I've tried acupuncture!

It certainly wasn't on my to-do list this morning. But that's the thing about life in Korea... every day is an opportunity for a random twist and a brand new adventure.

After finishing my grading this morning, I set off to meet a dear friend for some Seoul sightseeing. She'd been talking up the Nam San Traditional Folk Village which I'd yet to visit, so we decided to head there. Wouldn't you know that we just happened to stumble upon a traditional medicine exhibit which, as part of a month-long promotion, is offering various services to foreigners, all for free!

I had my blood pressure taken (normal), my pulse examined (thin and weak; low energy; did you sleep poorly last night? -I was surprised at how accurate their assessment was!), and then finally:  cosmetic acupuncture. On my face. Wow. 

I am so skittish around needles and blood of any kind, but I managed to hold up pretty well; it helped that I was lying down on a cot. Fifteen minutes and 30 needles later, my face did feel rejuvenated. Can it be that I'm already hooked?

Good thing the promotion lasts for a few more weeks. Chances are I'll return for another complimentary session.


  1. I want to go! I've had accupuncture twice. Once for a pinched nerve in my neck...ouch! (didn't help)...then once for my back....(the guy was creepy and I didn't go back). Nathan's student gave him accupuncture a few months ago and he passed

  2. I'll take you! I've got a brochure so we can figure out a plan...