Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CA Girl

My native state of California is famous for various things, including a few stereotypes which persist around the world. Case in point:

Earlier this week, while I was introducing myself to students on the first day of class, I asked them to guess which state I was from. One student wasted no time in answering and blurted out:  California!  

I was impressed by her accuracy and asked her how she knew. Her reply:  You're blonde and tan.


  1. tan i can understand....but when did you go blonde?? you need to play the beach boys song: i wished they all could be california girls! xox aunt nan

  2. Haha... Did that happen during the KIEP orientation?
    I can't remember who answered to your question...
    Sol? Hyesoo?
    By the way, I'm your TA Andy:)