Friday, August 12, 2011

36 Things

How can I repay the Lord for all His goodness to me? 
-Psalm 116:12

A year ago I posted a list of things for which I'm grateful. I still very much appreciate all of those items, especially since they remain a part of my life.

Today I want to share a Korea-specific list:  36 Things that Make Life Sweeter in Seoul.
  1. air conditioning
  2. neon crosses that dot the evening skies
  3. my core girlfriends:  BD, HG, and AS
  4. an interesting job
  5. friendly coworkers
  6. good neighbors
  7. a comfortable apartment
  8. a Bible-teaching church
  9. low-cost health-care
  10. clean and convenient subway system
  11. happy post office experiences
  12. the tigers, elephants, and peacocks at Children's Grand Park
  13. general public safety
  14. plentiful samples at E-Mart
  15. ArtBox stationery and office supplies
  16. Daiso deals
  17. cell phones that never drop calls
  18. tofu by the truckload
  19. ggul ggwabeggi
  20. naengmyeon
  21. hotteok
  22. cream cheese roti buns
  23. cheap nail polish that never chips
  24. eye cream from The Face Shop (Flebote Collagenic XP)
  25. lipstick and liner from Innisfree
  26. Amandier patisserie in Insadong
  27. strolling through Samcheongdong
  28. Garosugil's charm
  29. Hongdae's quirkiness 
  30. Itaewon's ethnic diversity
  31. ATM machines where I can pay my rent (no check writing!)
  32. Journey (my favorite pub, deserving of its own separate post)
  33. Cass beer
  34. Lucy at Lucy Hair in Sinchon 
  35. Boa at Juno Hair near Konkuk 
  36. daily randomness -guaranteed


  1. One of God's gifts to His people is to let them see fruit of their labor.
    Dad and I are thanking Him for the harvest of spiritual fruit we see coming from your life because of your growth in Him!
    Love you,

  2. you are always so positive and cheerful - must be because i am your God mother!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!! xoxo - aunt nan