Sunday, August 7, 2011

Go, Eagles

Last night I attended a baseball game (LG Twins vs. Hanwha Eagles) to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Since I had no allegiance to either team, I decided to cheer for the birthday boy's team (the Twins).  Unfortunately, it was not their night, and they lost decisively.

After the game, we went to dinner. Next to our table was a group of middle-aged men, several of whom were wearing Eagles hats and jerseys. One guy from our group said to them in Korean congratulations on your victory, and a conversation ensued. Turns out the men were very big fans of the Eagles. One was the team's current president and another was a legendary pitcher for the team. 

We all smiled and chatted for a while, and then it was time to go. When we went to pay our bill, we learned that the men had already covered it. More smiles and some newly converted fans to boot. Go, Eagles!

1 comment:

  1. what a nice ending to that story - unlike the one from opening day at dodger stadium with a giants fan who unfortunately was not met with such kindness from the opposing dodger fan...

    someone else is having a birthday this week! xoxo aunt n,