Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've recently returned from an exquisite visit to the Bay Area. The trip was memorable for myriad reasons, not least of which is that it re-invigorated all five of my senses. The jaw-dropping beauty of California's coastline, the fragrant ocean air, the taste of locally-produced wine, the sound of falling rain, and the opportunity to give lots of hugs to loved ones all combined to make a truly fantastic vacation.

There's no doubt I left my heart in San Francisco (cliche, I know), but the jet lag coming back has hit me hard, prompting me to wonder if I left my brain there, too. In any case, I've returned to Seoul, and with that, will return to chronicling my Korean adventures. Spring term has begun, and there's plenty of new material on the horizon. 

Thanks for tuning (back) in.   

These photos (and those above) are from my visit to Flora Springs winery in St. Helena. If you are near Napa Valley, I highly recommend that you stop by this very special place. Not only will you experience some lovely wines, you'll also receive quite an education in wine production, history, trends, and so much more. Ask for Jason:


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  1. i missed your updates. glad to have you back posting. i cant wait til you are home for good and i can see you. i love you, aunt nan