Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Double Eyelids

There's so much to say on this topic, although I feel a little uncomfortable doing so.  And yet, it comes up often here.

Today in class we were talking about superlatives (the best, the worst, the tallest...), and the discussion included an opportunity for students to share their opinions on what the biggest problem facing Koreans today is. Several students mentioned looksism -which they explained is the practice of discrimination based on looks.

It makes me sad how prevalent plastic surgery has become here. The double eyelid procedure is the most popular of all -even guys have it done. Students have told me that it's common to do the surgery after they complete their college entrance exams, before they arrive at university. Others wait until term breaks, often before they begin their job search.

Drug stores and cosmetics shops sell double eyelid tape and glue (I suppose this is similar to wearing false eyelashes...?). I'm trying my best to understand that it's a culturally accepted practice. Even so, I was shocked to find the kid-friendly notepad pictured below -seems the socialization process begins very young.

Did you catch the caption on the notepad? A[n] ostrich has a beautiful double eyelid.

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