Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Liszt Bliss

At the invitation of a friend, I had the pleasure of attending a piano recital this evening. It was sublime. 

The talented and elegant Eun Jeong Lee performed works by Franz Liszt, and as she played, I felt myself thoroughly unwind and relax. It was incredible to sit still and focus on the blissful sounds emanating from the gorgeous grand piano before me. I imagine that the music in Heaven will be something like what I heard.

There are times when I really regret giving up on piano lessons; tonight was one of them. Although I cannot, nor could ever, perform as Ms. Lee did, at least I have access to the music itself. A big thank you to HG for sharing with me the gift of lovely classical music, particularly in a week when it's extra-needed and appreciated!

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  1. So I searched the net and found that Liszt was Hungarian, not Austrian. He lived and traveled all over Europe, including Paris of course.