Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Heart Lucy

Last night I did what many ex-pats in Korea consider to be the unthinkable:  I got my hair highlighted!

Thanks to a tip from a friend who directed me to a recent article in 10 Magazine^, I read an account of another ex-pat's mission to find a stylist who specialized in Western hair. Based on this woman's review alone, I called the salon and was able to land an appointment with the owner, Lucy. I'm happy to report that now I, too, can heartily endorse Lucy.

Lucy lived and trained in England for six years and recently opened up her own shop in the Shinchon area. She speaks fluent English and asks thorough questions before beginning. Her prices are reasonable, she's efficient, and she knows what she's doing! Tell her Jennifer from Konkuk sent you.

Lucy Hair
phone:  02.325.2225 

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