Saturday, May 14, 2011

KU Festival

Imagine a three-day party, Korean style. On campus.

Konkuk has just wrapped its annual spring festival. Every year, all the student clubs host a tent-like booth where they serve an assortment of liquor and random food (pajeon, tteokbokki, nuts, saltines, SPAM...). It is a major event around here. In fact, in the last three days, I observed families with small children as well as students from other schools joining in the festivities.

Unbelievably, most of my students managed to make it to class despite staying out until the wee hours of dawn. Good thing the festival is only once a year. I need about 12 months to recover.

Scenes from a 3-day party:


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  1. They stole that "KU" from the University Of Kansas. I find that strangely poetic.
    Rockchalk Jayhawk