Thursday, April 14, 2011


This morning I visited the dermatologist to get zapped. Bye bye, moles; hello, more even-looking skin...?! Here's hoping.

The doctor who treated me was the one whom I met last week, much to my relief. He's terrific at English and seems to be terrific at his job. Steady hands and great bedside manner. Before we got started, I told him that if things went smoothly, I could wind up promoting medical tourism for the hospital. This may have put unexpected pressure on him because after my procedure he needed a cigarette.

From the looks of things thus far, it seems like scarring will be minimal. I was primarily concerned about the zapping around my eye area, and it actually looks like it's already healing well. 

Stay tuned for a concluding post in a week or so, once things have settled. Who knows, you may find yourself booking a flight to Seoul for your own special treatments...

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  1. jen, i always say i'd rather have a slight scar than an unsightly mole. why doesn't cindy crawford get that mole removed!!?? a small knick of a scar is so much more desireable than a chocolate chip on your face!! GUESS WHO WROTE THIS??!!! HAHAHAHAAAA