Monday, April 11, 2011

Charlie Brown

Perhaps in an attempt to reclaim my childhood -a simpler time when decisions were made for me, and I was merely along for the ride- I visited the newly-opened Charlie Brown Cafe near campus. Not sure what I'd been expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

Apart from K-Pop blaring through speakers overhead, the ambiance felt serene and innocent. I sipped a hot chocolate while observing friends deep in conversation, couples gazing adoringly at each other, and students pouring over books. For awhile I was completely lost in the surreality of the moment, and then I started to laugh to myself, pondering the probability of such an establishment opening up where I went to college... a Charlie Brown Cafe in the slums of Isla Vista or in tony Westwood?! Highly unlikely.

As I contemplate some weighty decisions, no doubt I'll return to Charlie Brown's world, where life seems sweeter and far less complicated.

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  1. too bad you don't have a box labled "jugey" that we could check...??