Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One major advantage of living in Korea is access to low-cost, quality health care. I enjoy the additional benefit of working for a university with a hospital located right on campus.

Today I went in for a consultation with a dermatologist as I'm looking into some elective work. Nothing crazy, just a few minor tweaks. Anyway, must say, it was an altogether lovely experience -high praise from me, especially considering how nauseous I tend to get while in hospitals. 

A few highlights:
  • My appointment began on time.
  • My doctor spoke terrific English and even made a few jokes.
  • Total cost of consultation visit:  $0 -thanks to my health insurance and faculty discount.
Next week I return for the actual procedures. Stay tuned for an update.

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  1. okay - being that i am the one 'sister' that does have some high maintenance procedures done at times, i am dying to know!!! TELL ME, TELL ME! xoxo a.n.