Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fish on Tuesday

What a day! There were so many diverse aspects that I'll need to cover them over several postings. Let's start with the fishiest.

I finally made it over to Noryangjin Wholesale Fish Market. What a wild experience! It's the largest of its kind in Korea and has been around for over 76 years. I'm glad to have visited it, but it'll probably be awhile before I go back. While the smell isn't as strong as you may expect, there are fish guts everywhere. In fact, guys drive around and pick them up from the vendors, but many still remain on the floor. Even though I dressed casually, I should've worn my wellies instead of my faux-suede snow boots; now I've got a lasting reminder of the market's memorable aroma.

Here are images from the excursion. The first set should be fine for all, but after that, consider yourselves warned. Eight hours later, I still feel queasy. 

 this way to the market (that's the 63 Building on the right)

welcome sign (-you may need soju to get through the experience)


WARNING! The photos below are not for the fainthearted. Should you scroll further, you are responsible for any nausea that may ensue.


This scene startled me, particularly because I had just witnessed an elderly woman chopping off the fish heads with great force and precision.

Anyone want to fill me in on what these are? I'm stumped...

Imagine walking gingerly, trying to dodge deep puddles of fish guts, and all of a sudden -- there's a shark on the ground. Dead, of course, but still...

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