Monday, January 31, 2011

Din Tai Fung Day

Often people assume that since I live in Korea, and thus close to China, I must have easy access to awesome Chinese food. That may very well be the case, but given that I grew up in the Western world, I'm accustomed to Westernized Asian dishes. So what the locals consider delectable Chinese cuisine, I generally do not -and vice versa. After discussing this dilemma with some ex-pat colleagues, I learned that, in fact, there was a remarkably good Westernized Chinese restaurant in Myeongdong, my old stomping grounds. Since today was the first of a week-long holiday, I decided to check it out.

Din Tai Fung has roots in Taiwan with several locations worldwide (including LA!). It has earned a reputation for its quality dumplings, and as I discovered today, they are indeed tasty. Plus, a bonus for foreigners, at least for this one, is the well-designed interior space. Not a bad place to spend a meal or two (as I did -lunch then back for dinner), and I surely will return the very next time I crave shrimp + pork dumplings.    

You can read more about Din Tai Fung here:

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