Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gift with Purchase, Pt. 2

The shopping fun never stops over here! I've mentioned it a few times before (e.g. see posting from 01.17.2010), but really, someone could devote an entire blog to the joy -and sport- of shopping, Korea style.

Only in Korea, can you buy this item:

 (Neutrogena face wash)

...and get this gift with purchase:

 (bunny pencil case -highly coveted among students of all ages) 

But the more significant highlight of today was being back in fellowship with my church friends. It is a real blessing to be connected with this dynamic group of people as we navigate our way through Seoul. I'm especially blessed by the friendship of a vivacious and seasoned couple and grateful to call upon them for advice on a myriad of matters (thanks again, B + B!).

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