Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tomato Sauce Redux

No doubt about it:  cooking relaxes me. It stimulates me in a creative sense, too, but first and foremost, it helps me unwind.

I arrived home after a particularly full day and opted to lie down on my couch as I proofread the exams I drafted yesterday. Afterward, though completely exhausted, I became overwhelmed by the feeling that I absolutely needed to do some cooking. Unfortunately, I lacked the requisite ingredients for the dish I was craving. So, off to the store -somewhat of a hike considering the stairs and hills involved over the course of the trip. In spite of this delay, I was still able to produce a decent meal within an hour of embarking on my journey. 

For the curious, I tweaked my recent concoction of pasta with fresh tomatoes, adding diced oyster mushrooms and grated mozzarella cheese to the dish. Fantastic and utterly soothing to prepare.

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