Friday, October 22, 2010

Hiatus Ends!

You may have noticed a longish lapse in posts. For that, I do apologize. Rather than bog you down with excuses, suffice it to say I've had a ball showing a friend all around this wild and crazy town during the past couple of weeks.

Still, I have missed writing. In addition to facilitating regular contact with you, it allows me to keep mini records of each day's unique moments. Reflecting on the last several days, it's hard to remember what happened when, and the memories are all a little jumbled in my head.

Good thing I took loads of photos while on hiatus. Now, I'm finally ready to share them with you. Right here. Right now!

For categorizing purposes, let's call this first set:  Random Sightings in and around Insadong and Hyehwa.

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