Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shanghai Wrap Up

By now, you've undoubtedly deduced that I enjoyed my time in Shanghai very much. I'd welcome the chance to visit again, especially in cooler temperatures. If you're wondering where I stand in answer to that perennial question (Hong Kong or Shanghai?), well... you'll just have to guess. Each place is fascinating, and I recommend visiting both to form your own opinion.  

Coming up next week, I've got another big trip on the horizon. In fact, it's almost all I can think about because not only will I return to a place I love, I'll get to see several people whom I adore... you know who you are!  xo  


  1. only several people? i would think too many to count!! would it be me, jen??? your very favorite auntie?? oh pls say it's so!!

  2. of COURSE you are one of the adored ;) excited to see you! xoxo